A book for parents – coming May 2024

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How to Raise Happy Neurofabulous Children

by Katy Elphinstone, with illustrations by Matt Friedman
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Neurofabulous book cover

What's it about?

Making the childhood of those we love a joyful and constructive experience

Neurofabulous is a practical and light-hearted book, perfect for any devoted and/or desperate parent. The book gives tips for a wide range of day-to-day situations commonly experienced by families, and especially children, who don't 'fit the norm' in terms of neurotypology.

Written by author Katy Elphinstone (autistic advocate and active member of the neurodivergent community) and illustrated by the cartoonist Matt Friedman (author of Dude, I'm an Aspie), the book's chapters include, At home, Out and about, Friendship, Communication, Health and hygiene, Bedtime and sleep, Physical contact, Emotions, and more.

The practical tips given in the book all come from a deeply gentle and understanding perspective; both of the children themselves, and of the difficulties and doubts we all experience as parents.

In all, the book is concerned with achieving more connection, understanding and growth on all sides - child, parent and (last but not least) society at large!

Who's it for?

Everyone involved with neurodivergent children

Whatever our situation, as parents and carers of neurodivergent children we have got some really important things in common.

Deep care and love. Concern about how our child might do or might get along 'out there'. Certainly the feeling of loving your child so much you'd probably go to the world's end and back, if it would help them to be okay. A deep wish to support them in finding their own way in life, in achieving inner equilibrium and resilience, and in becoming self-confident – and the strong desire that through these things the chance will be gained for their gifts to shine through and be appreciated fully, both by themselves and others.

So we're not asking for much, are we? (!!)

Thankfully there are many practical ways in which you and your child, and in fact your whole family, can find ways towards more joyful and mutually supportive ways of being, leading to a brighter future all round.

Many of which are meticulously detailed in our Neurofabulous parenting book, coming up shortly (watch this space!)

    About the author

  • Author
  • Katy Elphinstone, besides her main work as a mother, also works in admin at a Camphill Community for adults with learning disabilities in Scotland. She's active in the neurodivergent community as an autistic advocate, speaker and writer, and as a mentor offering encouragement, materials and advice to other parents.

    About the illustrator

  • Illustrator
  • Matt Friedman is a grant writer, fundraising professional, and cartoonist. He is the author and artist of Dude I'm an Aspie, which depicts life with autism with honesty and humour, using simple yet effective cartoons that are way more powerful than words.