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Below you can read what some of our first readers have said about the pre-editorial version of Neurofabulous.
If you'd like to give us your own feedback after reading the book, once it comes out, do let us know on our Facebook page.(or by contacting us if you don't do Facebook).

"A brilliant wee book"

As a parent with autism in the family, I wish we'd had this advice when my family were growing up!
I recognised loads of situations.

"effective and practical"

 .. and very readable and comprehensive, this book would be an excellent starting point for families learning to support autistic children.

"Rigorously researched"

This book is much needed. It's quick and light, but rigorously researched and full of pointers to further key educational and developmental research.



A lot of affirmations of what I thought, but I was looking outwards rather than inwards towards acceptance. Brilliant way of presenting this, Katy.

"People need to know"

Yes. People need to know about that stuff. Not just parents but also teachers and therapists would benefit from this knowledge.

"a lot of good ideas"

Some of the things you have suggested are excellent. Many of your ideas are appropriate for all parents, making for a positive, healthy upbringing.


"deserves a wide audience"

A great guide. It's quick and easy-to-use, and it touches your heart. This book deserves a wide audience.


"this guide will help"

I liked all of the do and don't tips (especially #46 on the don't list). I think this guide will help parents be Sweet Peas towards their autistic children!

CockneyRebel on Wrongplanet (Asperger's)


"Yay, fantastic!"

Initial thoughts are 'Yay, fantastic'... what a super job you have done in creating such a positive, helpful, and useful book!

Tamzin Baxter, Trauma Recovery & Early Years Lead Practitioner


"A huge contribution, in this clear explanation ..."

... and in supporting the person with autism, in developing strategies which acknowledge the condition while facilitating engagement.


"Enjoy this book!"

Sometimes we get stressed and can't connect to our inner wisdom. When it comes to raising autistic kids, this is even more important... and this is where this book can help you.

Saskia Steidel, parent, USA


"Written with warmth and integrity"

While there is much practical advice offered in this book, it celebrates more of a creative approach than a set of rules.

Tiffy Treanor, www.yogawithtiffy.com