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"Yay, fantastic!"

Initial thoughts are 'Yay, fantastic'... what a super job you have done in creating such a positive, helpful, and useful book! I can see and feel all through how this is underpinned by wanting things to feel easier for people who would be assessed/diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. It is also great to see that you have included the section on Trauma, as this is the area of my expertise (working on the neurological connections between body/brain/feelings/thoughts/emotions/connection with people, animals, and nature/physical play and movements).

An excellent, easy to read, practical, and solution focused book - for parents, families, professionals; for anyone wishing to gain further knowledge and understanding of loving, caring for, or supporting children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Diagnosis.

In writing this book Katy Elphinstone has provided a much needed resource filled with tips and practical advice. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a empathetic, holistic, and trauma informed guide to raising children with ASD

Tamzin Baxter, Trauma Recovery Project Worker & Early Years Lead Practitioner (also qualified in Family Therapy))