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"A brilliant wee book"

This is a brilliant wee book. I wish I had this advice when my family were growing up!

I absolutely love the illustrations and I recognised loads of situations that we as a family experienced. My children are now all young adults now, (my youngest was diagnosed with ASD at 13). Even if you think your child could be 'on the spectrum' use these tips to provide more structure and support in day to day life (easier said than done!). I think this could be a great little bible of how to promote a positive family life. Katy clearly has great insight and above all I like the emphasis on maintaining low stress and minimising the impact of over stimulation. Children with Aspergers pick up very easily on stress from adults. It can become a downward spiral if there is not the right intervention.

I think on the whole it is very practical good advice that reflects the realities of living with Autism in families. I think the part on trauma and school refusing is very important to recognise in teenagers. I like the promotion of a very useful 'trauma' check list that every educational psychologist should read.

I would definitely recommend this to parents, teachers and any professionals working with families affected by Autism.

Jane Catlin, Parent, Scotland