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"Rigorously researched"

An excellent, accessible, thorough guide.

This book is much needed, and will be of much interest to anyone who regularly works with young people as well as those who seek to understand child development, and more specifically ASD and Asperger's Syndrome.

Written from a compassionate parent’s point of view, it’s gentle and understanding. The advice is clear, and it’s light to read, especially with the cartoons. At the same time however, it’s thoroughly and rigorously researched, and gives pointers to further key educational and developmental research.

It’s obvious Katy Elphinstone has been in these situations and has researched, tried and tested many things before venturing to give out this advice! As a teacher and a Forest Schools Practitioner I found it helpful in understanding why commonly taught behaviour systems aren’t a fit for all, and can present particular challenges for children with autistic tendencies. I can see the practical suggestions being extremely useful in adapting behaviour strategies accordingly.

Thank you for sharing and demystifying what can seem like a complex, confusing condition.

MJ Kinnear, teacher & researcher (UK)