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"I think this guide will help"

I liked all of the do and don't tips (especially #46 on the don't list). I think this guide will help parents be Sweet Peas towards their autistic children!

* * *

What do you think helped and didn't help, when you were a child?

Getting lectured and yelled at for going on about my special interests didn't help.

Being constantly reminded about gender roles definitely didn't help.

Having the threat or actually having my favourite things taken away has never helped and it still doesn't.
It just causes me a lot of anxiety and then I have a hard time sleeping.

Being belittled by my mum for crying didn't work and it still doesn't.

Being called on to help people helps, especially if it involves heavy lifting.

Being valued for my intelligence helps.

CockneyRebel on Wrongplanet (Asperger's)