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"Written with warmth and integrity"

Written with warmth and integrity, this wonderful guide is brimming with practical advice, support and insight not only for parents of autistic or Asperger’s children but for all those who wish to care for children more consciously. Drawing on accounts from personal experience, Katy shares not only her passion for parenting but her understanding of the enormity of this job which can all too often go unnoticed by wider society.

While there is much practical advice offered in this book, it celebrates more of a creative approach to childcare rather than a set of rules. We are reminded to meet the challenges that face us every day by listening and responding sensitively in ways that are sympathetic to the child’s needs as well as our own in the moment. Above all we are reminded that we are not alone in our struggles and that this is an amazing job we do!

As a yoga teacher I welcome in particular the suggestions for coping with and resolving overwhelming anxieties and trauma through working with the body, which I see as an instrument for getting to know oneself and for unlocking deep held patterns of behaviour. I was reminded of the value of simplification in meeting challenging situations; slowing down in order to see things clearly and to act according to what is required in the moment.

Amazing work, Katy.

Tiffy Treanor,